Automotive Accessories



The best floor mats on the market. But they didnt stop there. They offer bed mats and tailgate mats for pickups, mud flaps, tonneau covers. They have cleaning products also. 

Tonneau Covers


There are a wide variety of tonneau covers on the market today. You can get soft roll up covers, hard roll up covers, folding covers, and hard covers. The possibilities seem endless.

Running Boards


Running Boards or nerf bars. There are even more different varieties of step options. But looks and functionality.

Classic Car/Modern Functionality


Dakota Digital has a wide range of current electronics for classic vehicles. From instrument clusters to cruise control, they offer it all. 

Computer Chips


We have a variety of chips available. Did you buy a lift kit for your truck from me? Oh I haven't mentioned them yet? Well I sell those also. When you are buying a lift kit or some cooler wheels and tires for your new vehicle don't forget the benefits of a new computer programmer. 

LS Swap Kits


We have the best LS Swap kits, from BRP Hotrods. Put an LS engine in your favorite classic car or even swap that LS into your 90's vehicle. They make these kits for a variety of makes and models.